New Tyres

At Magness Tyres we stock an extensive range of the top brands of new and used tyres. Best of all, we fit your new tyres on location.
In today’s busy world it can be difficult to find the time to visit even your local tyre shop. That’s why at Magness Tyres we are one of the few dedicated local mobile tyre shops in Auckland. We take the scheduling hassle out of the picture, saving you time and money while delivering top quality service. Why spend your day at a tyre shop when we come to you?

Over the last 15 years we have developed a close working relationship with all the major tyre brands at key price points for all makes and models so you can have confidence that we have the right tyre for your vehicle at the right price point at a location most convenient for you.
We are not affiliated with any tyre brand so you know you are getting the right tyre for your vehicle every time.

Finding your tyre size is as easy as 1,2,3:

There will be a number sequence which will give us the information we need to recommend the right tyre for your vehicle.

Here is an example of a tyre size we will ask for when quoting tyres: 205/65R16 92H

A – Tyre width
B – Sidewall depth

Measured as a percentage of the width. In the image the depth is 55%.

C – Wheel Rim diameter

Measured in inches. In the image the rim diameter is 15.

185 – Tyre width in millimetres (mm)
55 – Sidewall height as a percentage of the width, in millimetres (mm)
R15 – Rim size in inches (in)
81 – The load rating of the tyre
H – The speed rating of the tyre