Yokohama ES32 195/65R15 91H


The Yokohama BLUEARTH ES32 model, has the support and expertise of YOKOHAMA, enjoy the comfort and performance that this tyre offers in any season of the year. These tyres are manufactured with YOKOHAMA technology providing excellent quality in the handling of your vehicle.


BluEarth-Es ES32 provides a well balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tyre – wet grip, wear resistance, durability and fuel efficiency. Suitable for compact cars and family sedans, the BluEarth-Es ES32 gives a quiet ride with reassuring grip on wet slippery roads. The BluEarth-Es ES32 is built using Yokohama’s patented Nano Blend Compound; this technology allows the tyre to be more flexible which results in an optimal contact area between tyre and road promoting even wear.

Tyre Features

  • Rolling Resistance Characteristics
  • Lowers fuel consumption & decreases exhaust emissions
  • 5 Pitch Variation
  • Low tyre & cabin noise.
  • Strong Profile
  • Durable & Long Lasting.
  • Lightning Groove
  • Improves handling in wet and dry conditions.
  • Enhanced Shoulder Blocks
  • Improves stability and even wear.
  • Wide Straight Grooves
  • Increases water evacuation.

Tyre Specification

SKU: Y1956515
Brand: Yokohama
Model: ES32
Season: All Season
Size: 195/65R15
Load Index: 91 — 615 kg | x4 - 2460 kg
Speed Index: H — 210 km\h
Car Type:Passenger
Road: City
XL / Extra Load: Yes
RunFlat technology: Yes
Commercial / Reinforced: Yes


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