We understand the schedule disrupting pain that a puncture can be which is why we come to you. We can get you back on the road without the hassle of having to replace the damaged tyre with a spare or tempting you to risk the long term health of your tyre by unsafely driving the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.


Remember the location of the puncture is critically important in determining whether a repair can be made in accordance with New Zealand Standard 5423. This standard defines the safe area as punctures occurring from belt edge to belt edge on tread area and excludes the the sidewall. This is particularly important because any attempt to drive the deflated tyre without the air pressure to keep its shape, will cause the sidewall to pinch between the wheel rim and the road while driving, severely damaging it. This will compromise the integrity of the sidewall and result in the need for a replacement even if the original puncture occurred within the safe repair area.


Don’t risk your safety or the tyres long term health, give the team at Magness Tyres a call and as Auckland’s number 1 local mobile tyre shop we will evaluate your tyres on location in accordance with the New Zealand safety standards and complete the repair on the spot, saving you the cost of buying a new one.

Repair or Replace?