At Magness Tyres we are one of the few dedicated local mobile tyre shops in Auckland. We take the scheduling hassle out of the picture, saving you time and money while delivering top quality service. Why spend your day at a tyre shop when we come to you?

  • Over the last 15 years we have developed a close working relationship with all the major tyre brands at key price points for all makes and models so you can have confidence that we have the right tyre for your vehicle at the right price point at a location most convenient for you.

Mag Wheels

As Auckland’s number 1 local mobile tyre shop we have a passion for mags and as such we pride ourselves of stocking a wide range of wheel brands including the likes of ADVANTI, BGW, BLACK RHINO, ROTIFORM, WORX, TSW, ROTA and GEAR.

  • We have over 15 years experience in the wheel industry and best of all we are mobile so we can bring the best mags right to your door and hook you up with a sweet set on location. You will be driving around town sweet as in no time!

Mobile Tyre Fitting

Motorsport Events

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Puncture Repair

We understand the schedule disrupting pain that a puncture can be which is why we come to you. We can get you back on the road without the hassle of having to replace the damaged tyre with a spare or tempting you to risk the long term health of your tyre by unsafely driving the vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

  • As Auckland’s No1 local tyre shop we will evaluate your tyres in accordance with the NZ safety standards and repair on the spot, saving you the cost of buying a new one.

Tyre Rotation

Rotation is the practice of strategically changing the position of each tyre on your vehicle to achieve uniform wear for all tyres. This approach maximises their lifespan as warrant of fitness approved tyres - keeping you safe while saving you time and money.

  • As Auckland’s number 1 local mobile tyre shop we will inspect the wear on your tyres, recommend the best rotation plan, check the inflation pressure and ensure proper alignment on location.

Wheel Alignment

A regular wheel alignment ensures optimal driving conditions which is good news in more ways than you may have thought. By getting a wheel alignment every 10,000 kms you can be assured of a safer driving experience with tyres which last longer and contribute to greater fuel efficiency.

  • As Auckland’s number 1 local mobile tyre shop we will come to you for all your wheel alignment needs. We will have you back on the road without the hassle of interrupting your schedule.

Wheel Balancing

Do you feel excessive vibration in the steering wheel, the floorboard or the seat while driving which only gets worse the faster you go? Your vehicle may be in need of a tyre balancing tune-up. We can achieve this by equalising the weight of the combined tyre and wheel unit so that it is evenly distributed.

  • Enjoy a smoother ride and increase the lifespan of your tyres by contacting the wheel balancing experts at Magness Tyres. We will save you the time and money of visiting a repair shop.