Rotation is the practice of strategically changing the position of each tyre on your vehicle to achieve uniform wear for all tyres. This approach maximises their lifespan as warrant of fitness approved tyres – keeping you safe while saving you time and money.

Before rotating your tyres on your own there are important factors you need to consider. Firstly, consult the vehicle manual to determine if a rotation plan has already been provided for you. This is especially important in the case of vehicles which are equipped with different size wheels front to rear or have tyres which feature directional or asymmetrical tread patterns.

If no rotation plan can be found in your vehicle manual a general rule of thumb is to rotate your tyres ever 10,000 kms or when a routine service is due. These days most cars are FWDs which means the front tyres will typically wear much faster than the rear ones due to differences in weight and workload.

Several Rotation Patterns

There are exceptions to these rotation plans which our experienced team are trained to identify and adjust to reduce the risk of unwanted pull or drifting characteristics.

So if you are looking for expert advice on maximising the safe lifespan of your tyres give the team at Magness Tyres a call. As Auckland’s number 1 local mobile tyre shop we will inspect the wear on your tyres, recommend the best rotation plan, check the inflation pressure and ensure proper alignment on location.