Do you feel excessive vibration in the steering wheel, the floorboard or the seat while driving which only gets worse the faster you go? Your vehicle may be in need of a tyre balancing tune-up. We can achieve this by equalising the weight of the combined tyre and wheel unit so that it is evenly distributed.

Your vehicle’s wheels can get out of balance through the daily strain exacted on tyres throughout their lifespan. In fact, the tyres themselves often (read always) have slight manufacturing imperfections which can generate larger imbalances in centrifugal force, resulting in a warped spin. Further, balance changes over time due to the natural wear on tyres and should be done when tyres are rotated or replaced.

When Should I Get a Balance Done:

When you feel vibration in the steering wheel, floorboard or driving seat
After your vehicle’s tyres are rotated
When you swap out a tire whether for a new one or a spare
You get a puncture and have to repair the tyre